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The Bais Hamikdosh Emes vShalom
The Curated Works of Rav Zadok Hakohen: Part 1 - Sdom
 Introduction to Rav Zadok Hakohen
 Birkas Kohanim - The Paradigm of Talmud Torah
From Mattan Torah to Boaz - The Power of the Individual
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Rabbi Dr. Ari Bergmann
About Us Rabbi Dr. Ari Bergmann

A native of Brazil, Dr. Ari Bergmann received his Bachelors in Talmudic Law from Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore Maryland and a Masters in both Liberal Arts and Philosophy of Religion from Columbia University. He received a PhD in Comparative Religion from Columbia University in 2014. Ari is exceptionally proficient in the esoteric aspects of Judaism, including numerology and Kabbalah. Ari is the Founder and Managing Principal of Penso Capital Markets LLC, an alternative investment and advisory boutique in the hedge fund industry. Ari lectures extensively in Israel, Brazil, and the United States on topics ranging from finance to Kabbalah, quantum mechanics to Talmudic law.

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